About Us

Every child is a gift and has great potential to make an impact in the world. It is through education that children may grow to become active and passionate contributors of a successful society. Using an individualized learning curriculum, provided by the School of Tomorrow, we are able to train students to learn independently. The structure of individualized learning also allows us to integrate 21st century edtech strategies and tools.

M. Zed Christian School, Inc. is a private school in the heart of Cebu city founded on the 7th of December. It provides education from preschool to senior high school. We are an inclusive school that aims to promote growth and character in all our learners. We are also able to provide differentiated learning for special education needs. We are a non-denominational school that accepts students of any faith. Teaching has been designed to be relevant using tools that will allows students to be ready for future digital roles.

Mission & Vision

We believe in the influence of a loving community that establishes integrity, discipline, grace, and faith in Jesus. We believe that education is our means to instill Godly Biblical values and uphold character development to be of utmost priority.

We believe that every student has unique capacities and gifts and are encouraged to develop their skills and passion that they may contribute to the development of their community to effectively follow God’s plan for their lives.

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