What is the School of Tommorow®?
School of Tommorow® has been a world-class trend-setter in Christian education for more than three decades. School of Tomorrow has offered professional expertise in curriculum, hardware, software, and in-service training for global Biblical educational reform.

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What is the ACE® Curriculum?
The Accelerated Christian Education or A.C.E. Program is a learning curriculum provided by the School of Tommorow® that uses an individualized, self instructional, and mastery approach.

Will there be a parent orientation?
Yes, definitely. Parent orientation will be done online during the 1st and 2nd week of August. It will be scheduled by cluster/small groups. After completing enrollment, you will be given a schedule for parent orientation.

What are the class hours?
RLAP allows the students and/or parents to structure how their regular school day would look like, with the exemption of a few fixed schedules set by the Supervisors (teacher) and/or the school. School day schedule will be dependent on the grade level and will be discussed more thoroughly during the parent orientation.

How often will my child meet his/her teacher and classmates online?
The whole class will have a minimum of 2 Google Meet sessions a week that will run between 45-60 minutes long. However, when certain subjects need lecture assistance, another Google Meet session will be scheduled for this.

Can my child request a one-on-one session with his/her teacher?
Yes, if your child is having difficulty in any subject that a parent may not be able to assist on, a special session may be scheduled. Some Supervisors (teachers) may create a mini class session involving several students showing difficulty in the same areas.

Do I (the parent) have to sit with my child through the video conference?
Parent participation is only required in the case of these two instances: (1) To help solve technical issues and/or (2) To guide children who have focus or behavorial challenges

Can class schedules be flexible?
Yes, if a student is unable to join a Google Meet session, the Supervisor (teacher) can adjust to a time that suits all learners or give a special class. For PACE® work, students and parents can adjust the schedule that best suits their availability.

Will the school deliver the Learning Materials (PACEs) to our homes?
Yes. PACEs will be delivered and collected by the school. A delivery schedule will be set for families living in specific areas. For delivery outside of Cebu, parents will be billed for freight and handling.

Is the school considering RLAP for the whole school year or will there be any face-to-face classes?
M.ZED is prepared to teach RLAP for the whole school year. While it is our hope that the students may be able to meet their teachers and classmates, we will not risk the safety of our students. However, the School has completed all DOH and DEPED requirements to hold face-to-face classes when it will be allowed.

What is the difference between MANAGE and MONITOR in the context of the RLAP?
In the context of the RLAP, to MANAGE learning requires the parent to sit with the child through the learning process. While to MONITOR learning requires the parent to ensure that the child is continually working independently away from any distractions.

What happens if my child does not have his/her own device? I have more than one child enrolled, should I get them each their own device?
While we recommend students to have their individual learning device, what is important is to have a device available for your child to use during scheduled Google Meets, devotions, access Seesaw account to pass works, and/or interact with the Supervisor (teacher). If you have more than 1 child enrolled and have only 1 device to share, allow that device to be accessed in a common study areaThe challenge of the student for not having his/her own device is not being able to receive notifications promptly.

Does the device have to be an iPad?
Any device will do as long as it can scan/take picture of documents, allow video conferencing, download applications and connect to the internet. iPads are highly recommended because of its complete functionality. All the teachers will also use iPads and thus be able to help students navigate through the device with ease.

Does the Senior High need an iPad?
The Senior High Program is an iPad Program, so the use of an iPad is necessary. However, if students are keen on transitioning to laptops, this is also possible.

Can my child use a laptop instead?
Laptops are possible devices. Some necessary procedures (e.i. uploading files/photos onto the Seesaw app) may be more complicated on a laptop as compared to a mobile device.

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